What Type of In-ground Pool is Right for Me?

There are three different types of in-ground pools that are offered in Florida. Below we inform you on what each provides or doesn’t provide for you and your families needs.


Concrete in-ground pools are the most common. A concrete swimming pool is an entirely customized pool solution. You can install it virtually anywhere and provide you with limitless design options. You can select the depth, shape, and size, and incorporate features like steps, vanishing edges, beach entries and much more. Finishing choices include vinyl lining, colored quartz, ceramic tiles, natural pebble and a variety of other finishes. Concrete lasts for years, so your maintenance will be minimal.

Concrete and plaster were the first in-ground pool building materials used when residential pools first became popular. Why does it work so well? The plaster shell holds water well, provides stability, and can be re-plastered when needed, providing a longer life. Concrete is durable and porous.

Alternative finishes can be added to concrete or plaster, like tile or stone.  For example, Pebble Tec, a glass option can last about 8 to 12 years! These options can bring a unique artist or natural style to your pool design.


Typically, fiberglass pools are made in factories and delivered to your home. They are offered in specific shapes and sizes, so your options are limited. Steps, spas, and benches are usually pre-formed. They are manufactured from fiberglass-reinforced plastic. They are delivered and ready for installation when they arrive. Fiberglass is a non-porous fiber with a smooth finish to the touch. It prevents algae growth and is very easy to clean. Fiberglass is popular because of its low maintenance benefits and low cost on pool chemicals.

Fiberglass makes the pool-building process quick and easy. However, fiberglass can be more costly. After 10 to 15 years of exposure to sun and chemicals, the fiberglass deteriorates. Re-coating it is not easy because the new coating does not stick easily to the older one.

Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liner swimming pools are the cheapest of your options. Installation typically takes about 3 weeks. Vinyl pools options are also built and offered to you only in certain shapes and sizes. They also offer a range of liner colors and patterns. It is also non-porous, like fiberglass, which reduces algae growth. However, it does offer a few drawbacks. Sharp objects cannot be around the pool as they could potential cut a hole in the liner. The material also deteriorates in time from exposure to the elements, regular use and chemicals and usually needs replacing every 10 years or so. Some liners come equipped with fungus and UV inhibitors, which can extend the life of a vinyl liner from 10 to about 18 years or so.

Pools that are lined with vinyl are built with metal or plastic frames into the ground. Pre-made panels made of plastic, steel, or aluminum are added to the frame, making a form that is then lined with heavy vinyl to form the pool shell.

What Size Backyard is Needed for a Pool?

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