What Size Backyard is Needed for a Pool?

You just bought a house, the kitchen is AMAZZZZING, the bathroom shower rocks and your floors are heaven, but the backyard is small and nothing to write home about. You wonder, will a swimming pool bring life to my backyard and add value to my new home?

The best place to start this process is to ask a pool professional. They will come out to your home and give an on-site evaluation and provide you with a pool building estimate. For example, if you fill out this form here, Challenger Pools will provide you with a FREE consultation. Most likely you will need to provide them with a bit of help. For example, a copy of your yards plot plan or surveyor report. This will help them get started in the right direction by knowing of any obstacles or setbacks before getting started.

Most backyards can fit a pool, so you’re in luck. The only thing is that you may be limited to size and placement based on the layout of your backyard.

What are some reasons that can limit the size of your backyard pool?

  • Property Line Setbacks
  • Septic System or Underground Utilities
  • Drainage and Utilities Easements
  • Power Lines
  • Zoning Regulations and Lot Coverage Rules
  • Access to the area
  • Retaining Walls
  • Existing Structures

Fortunately, many of these reasons can be worked around or moved. Having any ideas of what you backyard contains will be helpful to your pool builder. Once you review your surveyor report and know how much usable space you have, you can begin to envision the entire backyard including your pool patio area and landscaping. Picture and imagine the kind of area you would like with the amount of space you have. Know what kind of space you desire around your pool to accomplish your vision.

Please keep in mind a few general rules of thumb when getting a pool built in your backyard:

  • Build your pool and pool surround to occupy approximately 25% of the total available area (especially if you have kids)
  • Ensure the pool surrounds occupy an area of approximately 50% of the pool surface area

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