Simple Steps on Maintaining your Pool while on Vacation

So you have plans to head out of town, huh? You’ve been waiting for this long overdue vacation. Good for you! BUT, before you go, we would like to give you a few simple steps to maintaining your pool while you are gone on vacation. While gone and out of town we recommend hiring a professional to keep an eye on your pool in case something goes wrong. Or if not a professional, then ask a neighbor or friend to help keep an eye out. In the case something breaks down, you will need someone there to help resolve the issue while you are gone. However, below we provide a few simple steps to help you save a bit of cash if you choose to not have a professional on hand while gone on vacation. These basic tips will help keep your pool clean while gone and crystal clear when you get back home.

Overdose your pool with chlorine!

Depending on how long you will be gone, add double the amount of pool shock that you would normally add (e.g. for a 7,500 gallon pool, add 2-3 lbs. worth of powder shock or 1 to 1.5 gallons of liquid shock). Let the filter run for a couple hours after adding the shock.

Cover your pool!

When the sun shines on your water, algae will grow, so the less sun the better. Covering your pool makes it difficult for algae to grow. It will be well worth coming back to a clean pool. If you do not own a pool cover yet, this would be a perfect time to buy since you will still need one once the colder months come around.

Use a timer!

A great tool while gone on vacation and for daily use. This will make it so your filter can automatically turn on and off for a period of time. This is important to have available so you can filter your pool and while you are gone. There are many timers available ranging in all kinds of prices. The cheaper ones will do the job, no problem. The more expensive provides you with the bells and whistles, depending on what suits your fancy.

Now go enjoy your relaxing time away and don’t worry about your pool while gone. Enjoy those moments of slowing down that you have worked so hard for.


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