Technology and Your Pool

Throughout the years, as pools have progressed, so has the ease of caring and enjoying your pool. Technology makes life much more convenient, as it saves time and helps us tackle a task at the touch of a finger. Automation has grown more and more in recent years. Automated control systems are very easy to find now a days in any area of your home, if you so choose to indulge. With the latest technology advancements, you can control your pools systems from your smartphone from work, the grocery store or even on vacation. You can control the jets, fountains, spa, lighting, audio and chemistry with ease. Below, I mention some of the top newer technologies that will help make you owning a pool easier and more enjoyable!

Pool Pump
We begin with your pool’s pump. This is the most basic needs and requirements of having a swimming pool. Keeping your pool water constantly flowing is key to good water quality. However, running your pool pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can be very expensive. Thanks to technology advancements, new pump technology includes variable speed motors, which helps save energy. With this technology you are able to control the pump’s speed, spa jets and even water features you may have added to your pool.

Adding the latest lighting to your pool will decrease energy and increase convenience to your life. To add an elegant, unique feel to your pool consider LED lights. They are amazing to enjoy during those night swims and/or get togethers.

One of the most unique features is from SpectraLight. This feature offer a UV system that showers your pool water with powerful ultraviolet light.  This UV light destroys the algae, viruses, bacteria and other organic matter that can contaminate your swimming pool. This system can significantly reduce chemical demands, which makes your pool much easier to maintain. It also reduces issues of dry skin, red eyes and green hair that are commonly known downfalls of swimming in a typical chlorine pool. This unique UV lighting system saves you both time and money and improves your pool’s overall health.

Balancing the chorine, pH levels and alkalinity of your pool water can be a headache that you must tackle often to maintain good water quality in your pool. Not to mention, a simple rain fall can throw off your chemical composition. Thanks again to the latest technology advancements, PENTAIR offers systems that automatically monitor and adjust your pool chemicals to maintain a perfect balance. Ultimately saving you money on pool chemicals.

Replacing your telescopic net for removing floating leaves and debris may be far-fetched, however maintaining the floor and water of your pool, isn’t. PV3 in-floor cleaning and circulation systems by Paramount are life-savers. The automatically force any debris in your water towards the drains on the floor of your pool. The fixtures will automatically pop-up when they are ready to ‘swallow’ debris. Challenger Pools offers this great option. Learn more here.

There are also great automatic cleaning systems. We’ve all seen them—they involve an automated cleaner/sweeper that travels around your pool as it cleans. There are several models available from all with different features, benefits and pricing.

Learn more about all the features and add-on’s Challenger Pools offers here.

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