Top 3 Swimming Pool Accessories to Increase the Value of Your Pool

A pool has already added value to your home, but have you thought that the equipment and accessories that you purchase can also add additional value to your pool and home? Make smart purchases when shopping for your pool, and it will benefit you in the long run. Below we offer the top 3 swimming pool accessories to add value to your pool.

Solar cover
Adding a heating system to your pool is very costly. A great way to keep the costs down is to purchase a solar cover. This will help keep your pool water warmer, cleaner and controlled as it’s not effected by the outdoor elements as much.

Automatic Pool Cleaner
Keeping your pool clean and maintained is a must and having to manually clean your pool can be a pain and a hassle. Purchasing an automatic pool cleaner will ease your stress and annoyance of always having to worry about cleaning your pool. The best ones offer to clean not only the pool bottom, but also the sides, so we recommend this type of automatic pool cleaner.


Pool Lights
Adding pool lights to your backyard swimming pool adds a great aesthetic and also allows you to enjoy your pool in the evenings with ease. Underwater lights are very affordable and can be easily installed.

Keep your pool in top shape so it adds value to your home, by purchasing a solar cover, automatic pool cleaner and pools lights. Adding additional features such as waterfalls, stonescapes, etc, will also add value but our top 3 accessories should be your top choices when looking to add value through pool accessories.

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