Pool Safety for Dogs

Swimming pools are great fun for our human friends and family as well as our furry friends. If you have a 4 pawed family member, it’s important to ensure their safety so that all parties remain safe and have fun. A few simple steps can make pool time for the family dog easy and fun.

Make sure they can swim:
If you are not sure if they know how a great starting point is the buy a cheap kiddy pool and get them warmed up in a shallow pool. This will help them get used to the feeling of the water and get more comfortable in it. Then move to the larger pool by swimming with them. This makes them feel safe and keeps you close as they get comfortable.

Understand the personality of the dog:
Often people think that certain breeds of dogs can swim or not swim, but please understand that the breed of your dog does NOT determine whether they can swim or not. It depends on their personality.

Life Vests:
There are a lot of options out there now for life vests for your dog. This will ensure their safety and even when swimming with kids or larger crowds, this will make sure they are safe, and they can keep their head above water.

Train your dog:
This doesn’t mean you need to prep your pup for the highest level of training. Simple steps, such as “shake”, “sit” and “come” can go a long way and ensures their safety in many situations, not just around the swimming pool. So take the time and commitment, reward your dog when they do what you ask, this teaches them positive reinforcement.

Learn pet CPR:
Just in case…better safe than sorry.

Don’t drink the water:
It’s often hard to prevent but keep fresh options around the pool area and teach them to drink the fresh water and to not drink the pool water. The chlorine is not good for them.

Provide a shaded area:
Be sure that they have a place to relax that is not in the water but in the shade.

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