Why Should I Use a Pool Cover on my Pool?

You work hard and spend money to maintain your pool and keep it in top condition. A pool cover will not only help you keep your pool clean but, will also save you time, use less energy, reduce costs, and help lessen water evaporation. A simple cover can tackle so many things to help you keep your pool in tip top shape. Let’s dive in a bit deeper about why you should use a pool cover on your outdoor swimming pool.

why use a pool coverSave time with a pool cover with less maintenance. The wind and storms throughout Florida are not always predictable, and after you have spent the afternoon cleaning your pool nothing is more frustrating than a storm filling your outdoor pool up with leaves, twigs and yard debris. If you were to have a cover on your pool, the leaves, twigs and yard debris would only remain on the top and not enter your pool. The next day there is no need for you to take another hour of your time to clean up from the storm in order for you to enjoy your pool.

Use less energy by allowing your new pool cover to help retain heat in your pool. Using a pool cover at night will keep the heat in your pool instead of exiting and losing it. Using a pool cover during those hot sunny days will heat your water quickly and without cost. A warm pool brings you and your family comfort, so take advantage of that suns energy when you can.

Using a pool cover reduces a pool’s chemical consumption by 35 to 60 percent, thus reducing costs. A pool cover will also lessen your heating bill and reduce water waste. This benefit alone is worth your investment in a pool cover.

Reduce water evaporation from your pool by using a pool cover. Science proves water evaporates. Using a pool cover will lessen evaporation and maintain your water level, so you don’t have to add as much water back into your pool.

With all these reasons alone, a pool cover is worth every dime you spend on one. There are a lot of pool cover options out there, so you don’t need an expensive, top of the line pool cover. It’s simply not necessary to get the job done. So, get out there and stop throwing your money and time into the air, go get your pool a pool cover.


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