How Your Pool Can Help Heal an Injury

Swimming pools are most known for entertainment and a great way to keep the kids busy. However, they can also provide a great exercise and rebuild after an injury.

Water activity increases strength and flexibility, in a low impact and safe environment. It also is good for joints, so water exercise is often recommended for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. Physical injuries can sideline you and really interfere with your daily life. Rehabilitation allows your muscles and ligaments to strengthen and provide more support for injured areas. So, utilizing a pool to gain your strength back will help ease the process.

Whether it be swimming laps, arm exercises off the wall or using a pool noodle to help you kick in the deep end, the amount of exercises to help you repair and get back to your busy life are almost endless in a swimming pool. Water exercises don’t need to be strenuous to be beneficial. Simple calisthenics in a seated position, back floating, water walking, or kicking exercises are all very beneficial.

Why are pools so effective?

  • The buoyancy of water is a force that acts on the body to balance the weight of a swimmer supporting the body weight. The buoyancy of the water protects joints, while water’s resistance increases the efficiency of the workout. Because swimming is not weight-bearing, it is exceptionally helpful for back pain. Utilizing different swim strokes or positions helps alleviate some pressure in the back, as the water can provide support. The backstroke is helpful for back injuries because you lie in a supine position as opposed to other strokes performed in a prone position.
  • Water exercise is low impact, meaning it is easier on your body than many other exercises, with less chance of further injury from falls or stumbles. There are many injuries that respond well to water exercises and swimming.

Water therapy can be great for almost any kind of stubborn pain. Immersion and floatation offer tremendous benefits. A partial relief from gravity, helps to make movement feel easy, cushioned, and safe — and these can lead to stepping-stones in rehabilitation and pain management after an injury or surgery.

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