Choosing an Interior Color for your Pool

When making decisions while you are in the pool building and design process, choosing an interior color is going to be one of those decisions you need to make. Ask yourself, what ‘look’ do you want for your backyard pool? What water temperature do you want regularly? What is your monthly budget for maintaining and running your new pool? The answers to these questions will play a part in what color you decide for your pools interior.

There are three interior textures you could decide on. Tile, pebble, and plaster. Tile and Pebble are incredibly durable and will last you and your family a long time. Plaster however, more known and used due to its cheaper cost, has a lifespan of 8-10 years. At that point it will start to crack and break apart. You will then need to get it resurfaced or choose another interior textile option.

The traditional and most common colors are blue and white, however more recently there are more non-traditional colors being used to give a unique style and ambiance.

All though, at first glance, it seems that the color of water itself is blue, however it isn’t. Water has no color. Its color is provided by the sky reflecting onto the water. Cool huh?

Selecting a color for inside your pool will make it look unique and different.  Today, many prefer colors like white, gray, black, red, earth-tones or a variation of blue.  Let’s look at some of your color options in detail:


The most common as we all love the look of crystal, clear blue water. As we stated earlier water is clear and reflects off the sky for its subtle blue color, with a blue pool interior it enhances the blue and makes it much more vibrant. This provides a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere.


This is also a very commonly used color for a pool interior. As it’s on the cheaper end of cost, it’s used quite frequently. It’s a perfect color for sunny states as it helps maintain water temperature. A white interior is a beautiful color as it helps bring out any decorative elements or accessories inside your pool. This can be a simply stunning, clean look. However, maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is vital to its beauty.


Surprisingly, gray makes the water in your pool look like sea water. It can be a great choice because it’s helpful with hiding dirt and debris plus it also helps increase the water temperature.


Black is the most suitable color for your pool if you want the water temperature to be higher all year round. The color helps to prolong the use of the swimming pool, and, high in energy savings for heating the pool.   It is one of the most advanced coatings, and with it, you can obtain spectacular designs.


A color that has grown in popularity in the more recent years. Red will provide transparent water that will change its appearance considering the weather and the state of the sky at that time. Depending on the amount of light, as well as the season of the year and time of day, the color variations can change, often providing a warmer atmosphere.

Factors to be considered when choosing your interior pool color include your backyard theme, pool surrounds, water reflection and water temperature, just to name a few.

When people renovate or build, it is common to collect samples of tiles to help decide on color. We highly recommend that when you are choosing your colors you lay it outside in different spots of where your pool will be or beside your current pool if renovating. Review them and observe at different times of the day. Morning and evening can provide different shades and give you a truer sense of what the color will be when you pool is completed.

If you have more questions on how to determine a color for your new pool, contact Challenger Pools today here. We can help you build or renovate your pool and be there for you every step of the way.

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