What You Should Do To Your Pool After It Rains

When a storm or rainfall is heading your way, the best thing to do is to try and do what you can in advance to prep your pool for the oncoming storm. For example, cover your pool and shut off the pumps, clear your pool of any floats, toys, etc. However, many of us have busy days and work, so often we aren’t available to tend to our pools before a rainstorm. More so, storms are not always predictable, and can even swing through the night while asleep. No worries, we are here to provide you with some simple steps of what you can do after a rainstorm to help keep your pool and pool water in swimmingly shape.

The simplest and easiest of things to do first is to clean your pool. Begin brushing off the steps, behind the ladders and walls. It may look like nothing is there but all the rain that has entered your pool has affected your chemistry level and if left alone will affect your water quality.

In most cases, with rain comes wind. So, the next thing to do is clean out any loose debris that may have entered your pool during the rainstorm. Tree branches, leaves, twigs, and garbage are all common to see in your pool water after a rainstorm. Make sure these items are removed to prevent clogging and increasing your chances of dirty water.

While cleaning the debris out of your pool, check the water level. Especially if the rainstorm was major or a hurricane, which is very common here in Florida). More than likely your water level is past the point of where it should be, which is the middle of your skimmer opening. If this is the case, gradually drain your pool to bring the water level back down to its suggested location.

Continue to clean by bringing out your pool vacuum and clean what you can. Then turn your filters on now that nothing can clog them. It’s time to get your pool water to circulate.

Next, we suggest you shock your pool. After a heavy rainstorm, your pool’s chlorine levels will lower and by shocking your pool it will replenish the chlorine lost from the rain. Be sure while shocking your pool that you keep the pump running.

Quick Tip: You can shock your pool in the rain, YES, it’s safe! Just keep note that rainwater adds contaminants, so it wouldn’t be as effective if you were to wait until after the rain has stopped.

Next, test your water. This is an important step that will give you answers as to what your water needs to stay clean.

Last but not least, adjust your chemicals to rebalance your pool water. After you test your water which chemicals need adjusting.

If the rainstorm is more of a light shower, I wouldn’t worry too much about the pool chemistry. A light rain will have very little effect, if any, on your pool water. However, it wouldn’t hurt to test your water anyway, if only for good measure.


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