Pool Safety During Parties

Parties are always a great way to celebrate and gather friends and family, however when you have a pool, it adds a additional level of fun to the party. A few simple steps to prepare, will ensure the party is a success and your guests have a good time and end up going home safe.

First, if you plan on children coming to your party please be sure to take a few extra steps to make sure your party is a safe place for them. Be sure to set some pool safety rules and announce them to the children. A few good examples include no running on the deck, no grabbing onto anyone else in the pool and no jumping from the diving board until the child ahead of you has jumped in and reached the side of the pool.

One of the most important things to do to ensure the safety for your guests and their kids is to have a dedicated and qualified adult or even better a certified lifeguard sit and watch the pool and swimmers. The hostess is busy managing food and guests, while your guests should relax and enjoy a good time. Having a dedicated adult for this job will be a great addition to an awesome party! If they are to get up even for a few minutes, please be sure to have someone else take their place while taking a break. Even in a quick moment, a child can drown. So, this could be the most important thing you do to ensure safety at your party.

Another great addition to making a great party, is to buy a bunch of pool floats and noodles for the kids to play with in the pool.

Check Your Water:  Be sure the water in your pool has been tested and treated accordingly. Clean, safe water should be important to you and your guests. You certainly don’t want your guests questioning if your water is clean while they jump into a cloudy pool. So just be sure to do your do diligence and prepare your water.

Check Your Deck: Also be sure to double check your pool deck and deck furniture for any lose tiles, cracks, wobbling tables, etc. This is a good step to keeping your guests safe at your gathering. Search for anything that could easily be tripped over or a chair leg could get stuck in. These occurrences are very common at parties and can cause injuries.

Lastly, don’t forget to store your pool chemicals away from where anyone can get to them. Remove the pool cleaner from the pool, and make sure that main drain covers are secured.


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