Permits & Pool Building

When it comes to building on your property, different cities and counties have various regulations and rules. No matter what size pool you choose, in ground or above, building permits are required for all shapes and sizes of pools. However, the larger the pool, the more guidelines will apply. These guidelines and permits exist to protect you and your home, so it’s important that they are followed and adhered to.

However, portable or above ground pools that are less than 42 inches deep, and do not need to be permitted. Putting in an above ground pool with a depth of 42 inches or greater, requires a permit, which the homeowner or pool company can obtain.

For in-ground concrete pools, a state licensed Pool Contractor must be obtained. The contractor will pull the building permit and obtain the engineering expertise, as well as provide necessary paperwork to ensure Florida Building and Swimming Pool Codes are met.

It’s vital to submit a residential application, a site plan, and a pool plan detail to your local city/county before the construction project begins. For example, if your property is in a flood zone, an engineer will need to create and sign off on a new drainage plan to protect your property and the others around you.

See below some common paperwork requirements when trying to obtain a permit:

  • Proof of property ownership. This can be a recorded deed, closing statement, or property tax information.
    • Two sets pool plans. Plans must include all safety feature options, and piping systems.
    • Building Permit Application. The application must be fully completed, signed, and notarized.
    • Two copies of a certified survey or site plan.
    • Private Swimming Pool Safety Requirements form.

Also be aware that if the swimming pool will be enclosed, you must provide the setbacks from the proposed enclosure to the water’s edge of the pool. The enclosure must meet the building setbacks for the zoning district it is located in.

Accompanying Documents When Pulling a Permit

If the size of the swimming pool warrants the pulling of a permit additional documents to further explain the project and how it will meet the various state, city and trade codes, will be required.

  1. If the property owner pulls the permit, an Owner/Building Disclosure must also be completed, which explains and acknowledges the responsibilities of the property owner acting as the contractor. While online, forms and assistance is also available at the Development Services Department, including complimentary notarization for the Owner/Builder Disclosure form.
  2. Along with a permit, a site plan of the property showing the location of all existing structures (sheds, house, detached garage, etc.) must be provided, with the size and location of the proposed improvement, as well as the perimeter property lines.
  3. For in ground pools, construction plans need to be designed, signed and sealed by an architect or engineer registered in Florida, certifying compliance with the Florida Building and Swimming Pool Codes.
  4. As building permit fees are calculated on the cost of the job, a copy of the sales contract or work contract needs to be submitted with the permit package. Typically, permit fees range from $50.00 to $80.00 and help cover the cost of inspections. While permits and inspections might be thought as unnecessary, the peace of mind knowing your new pool complies with code and will provide years of safe enjoyment is worth it!

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