How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

You’re ready…the sun is out, you have the day off, your suit is on and you step outside to see a cloudy pool. UGH!!! Well, we are here to help guide you on how to clear your cloudy pool water fast.

Supplies you will need:

Water testing kit, a pool brush and a bottle of clarifier.

Step #1: Turn on your pool pump and filter system. Let it run for 24 hours a day until your pool is clear.

Step #2: Clean your pool! Grab your pool brush and brush your pool walls, behind the steps and the stairs.

Step #3: Test your water. Make sure your pH level is between 7.4 and 7.6

Step #4: You will need a bottle of pool clarifier. Follow instructions on the bottle and entire it into the pool directly. You can add more clarifier daily until your pool becomes clear. It is also recommended that you wait about an hour after adding pool clarifier to the pool before jumping in to take a swim. Typically, after using clarifier, your pool should clear up in 24 hours.

Clarifiers help your pool filter pick up those tiny, little particles that are making your water cloudy. They do this by coagulation. Meaning they take those tiny, little particles and bring them together to form bigger particles so that your filter has a better chance of catching them.

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