Essential Equipment for your Swimming Pool

Proper pool equipment is the basics to keeping your pool clean and safe. It can also help prevent future major repair. Without the proper tools and equipment, you simply can’t take good care of your pool. Basic equipment and supplies will help, however the most important is action by you or your pool professional throughout the years. You will find the list of essential equipment and supplies for your swimming pool will be sure to keep your pool in great shape you enjoy your pool for years to come.


Filters sift out the larger impurities that are in your pool water. It works with the pump that circulates the water. There are three different types of filters to choose from.

Sand: this type of pool filter is usually the least expensive and the most basic, however requires the most maintenance. This filter will need to be backwashed every 2 weeks. It filters 20-40 microns (small particles).

Cartridge: this type looks similar to a house vacuum and requires cleaning only twice every season of the year. It filters 10-15 microns.

DE or Diatomaceous Earth: this type of filter is the best as it filters as small as 2-5 microns. It needs to be cleaned as the pump suggests.


Bacteria, such as pathogens, can cause the water to look cloudy, can cause skin and eye irritation and also can damage the pool itself. Even if the pool filter and pump do most of the work to maintain your water, adding chemicals will help keep your pool water free of pathogens. Balancing the chemicals below can be a bit of a challenge, none-the-less the chemicals that you will need.

  • Chlorine
    • Chlorine balancing agents
    • Water test system
    • Alkaline balancing agents
    • Calcium balancing agents


There are many choices to choose from when shopping for a vacuum. Numerous sizes, features and prices. The more features, the more costly. Prices can range anywhere from $40 to $2,000.


Through-out time the caulk around your pool begins to crack and split. To make sure moss, mildew and general dirt doesn’t build up in the cracks you will need a flexible silicon rubber joint compound, called caulk. There are different colors based off your needs and pool design.

Telescopic Pole

A good quality tele pole will be used for skimming, vacuuming and brushing. They provide you length so you can reach all areas of your pool. At the end they can attach a skimmer, a brush or can even connect to the vacuum. They come in a variety of lengths and quality. The safest and most durable tele poles are made from fiberglass, but many are made from aluminum.

Pumice Stone

A simple and easy method for removing common stains or deposits on concrete pools is the pumice stone. Pumice is a light porous glassy lava stone that can be rubbed over a pool stain to remove it by grinding it off the surface.


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