How You Can Utilize Your Pool to Improve Your Health

Swimming and/or water exercise can be a huge benefit to your health. With the resistance of the water, it makes your entire body work. It also removes gravity so it’s not so hard on your joints and lessens the impact.

Swimming is a great all-round exercise that provides a great full body workout. There are numerous benefits to enjoying a water workout. For one, it keeps your heart rate up, it’s an excellent source of cardio. Another benefit to working out in the water is it allows us to float so it takes off the impact stress of more common workout routines. It also builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, all while maintaining a healthy weight, heart and lungs.

Swimming laps in your pool is not the only workout you can use your pool for. There are many different variations of exercises that target certain areas or help relieve pressure off other areas. A few examples would be walking laps, treading water, or basic noodle exercises.

There are many other ways a pool can improve your health, that go beyond a simple exercise.
We list a few below:
• Alleviating stress
• Improving coordination, balance and posture
• Improving flexibility
• perfect low-impact therapy for injuries
• relaxing, peaceful form of exercise

Overall, water is known for its calming, peaceful effects. Better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and relieves depression. A nice yoga session along the side of your pool will do you wonders. Explore, enjoy it to the fullest!

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