The Benefits of a Freeform-Shaped Swimming Pool

Are you dreaming of finally getting a swimming pool but worried about it actually being possible because of your small or oddly shaped backyard? No sweat! Freeform shaped swimming pools are the best design to work with any oddly shaped or small backyard.

Freeform swimming pools are a wonderful addition to your backyard. They provide a natural, organic look with an amoeba shape/style. Freeform pools often have a look as if they have always belonged there and really blend into nature. They bring curves, flowing lines and irregular shapes and often have features like waterfalls, rock bridges, and plant landscapes to resemble a pond or lake.

Many homeowners dream of a pool oasis in their backyard and worry it just can’t happen with their small and oddly shaped backyards. However, Challenger Pools can create a custom freeform pool for any shape or terrain yard. Lines, curves, and defining edges is what makes the design modern.


The advantages of having a freeform pool are unlimited as it can add so much to your home and life.

1.     Beautifying your backyard – creating a space to enjoy and have fun outside is a wonderful addition to any home, especially if you have children. Unlimited fun, enjoyment and memories can be made in and around your pool area getting the kids away from the electronics and create a great family bonding time.

2.     Added value to your home – any pool immediately adds value to your home and eventually puts more money in your pocket.

3.     Exercise – Swimming provides some of the best exercise you can provide your body and with an oddly shaped backyard, Challenger Pools has professionals who access the landscape and terrain and recommend the best design for you.

4.     Added beauty and fun – Freeform pools often have additional features to make your backyard more of an oasis than just a swimming pool. Tanning ledges, rock bridges, islands, beach entries, in-pool tables and chairs add so much more enjoyment to your swimming pool.

Don’t let your small or oddly shaped backyard stop you from having the swimming pool of your dreams.  Call Challenger Pools and let the staff walk you step-by-step in making dreams come true.

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